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I am one of hundreds of small business' who were lied to, mislead and harrassed by this company. We were all exposed to false promises, fraudulent activity and in many cases forgery.

Now to hear from employees who have been prayed upon by N2 Publishing just confirms what all of the small business owners who have been subjected to the unethical practices that are promoted by this company. I urge you to please do the following: 1. Join the Class Action Lawsuit against N2 Publishing - here is the link: http://www.n2publishingreview.com 2. Contact the Federal Trade Commission in North Carolina about this organization and post the exact complaint with the FTC.

They are aware of the fradulent conduct of this business and are handling countless other complaints. 3. Go to the Better Business Bureau of North Carolina - again countless complaints It really is time that this business cease and desist making false promises to hard working individuals who either were roped into working for this unethical company, or the small business' who never agreed to long term contracts, told after the fact they suddenly have two, three or four year contract that were never discussed for the low quality, unsuccessful advertising that yields little or no results at all. And the fact that they have an entire department in place to respond to these countless complaints just speaks to the fact that they are trying to cover up complaint after complaint.

There are so many of us out there and we are finding one another. We will join together to hold this company responsible.

I didn't like: Unscrupulous business practices, Are deceiptful.

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I can’t believe I’ve fallen into their trap and finding all this out too late I got lucky and change my credit card information before they were able to charge me but they keep trying to come after me for $1100 after they ran an ad I never approved of and doesn’t match my business model in any sense I will send a letter out to the Better Business Bureau as suggested at top we will see how far this goes sorry to everyone who has had to deal with these people


I was doing research on N2 to expand to other markets and honestly I'm surprised at all of these negative complaints, I've had a great experience here in the Dallas market, I love the girl I work with here in a few neighborhoods and we are actually looking to expand. They support us in our annual campaigns every year and always put our events in their calendars.

I'm not trying to get involved in any disagreements, but I'm curious what happened with so many of y'all?

What markets were you involved in? Allison


I was charged $290.00 from this company that I have never heard of. Fraud N2 PUBLISHING WILMINGTON NC Really Mad


I just got charged when I specifically said no . Please help


Has anyone successfully got out of their contract yet? Is this suit still ongoing or ever move forward?

Looking for some direction on how to get out of ours without having to spend a ton on a lawyer. Thanks!

to Patrick Anthony #1489592

The big company wins every time only because nobody fights it and everybody takes the settlement.That's N2 business model. They get paid not matter what.

I am fighting it and going to court. Its costing me a lot more then settling but someone needs to stand up for the mom and pop shops . IF one of us wins then we all can win and maybe corporate will pay more attention to their customers . The reps lie, cheat, forge and use Christianity disgracefully.

N2 cares nothing about looking into the issues or the illegal practices of their reps . I am happy to contact any of you to discuss if you;d like to share your contact email.

to anonymous #1504978

I would like to talk to you mwilt18@gmail.com


Where can we file to be a part of this class action?


Please add me as well. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience.

And from a "Christian" company. Nothing short of thievery.


I’m sorry to hear everyone’s struggles with N2, but I’m glad I’m not alone. I’ve already formally complained but I’m interested in helping with the class action suit...anyone?


to Anonymous #1474800

Razor rock. I. Going to call you


Please ad me to this stream. Now I just got a letter that said if I wanted to get out of my THREE year contract I could pay them $900!

What do I do? Can they ruin my credit?



to Anonymous #1410375

I urge you . .

. .Please go to : The State Department of North Carolina at www.ncdoj.gov and issue a complaint regarding N2 Publishing's deceptive business practices.


PLEASE CONTACT ME! I have been roped in as well. I AM FURIOUS!

Laurie Bell

to Anonymous #1410376

I urge you . .

. .Please go to : The State Department of North Carolina at www.ncdoj.gov and issue a complaint regarding N2 Publishing's deceptive business practices.

to Anonymous #1410383


to Anonymous #1418816

Please call me. 862-763-3610.

Leave a message and I’ll call you right back

to Anonymous #1422812

They are horrible Im in Austin Texas and worked with Jason for UT Club and RiverPlace. Jason forged my name and changed a 1 year contract to 4 years for two neighborhoods.

! Who in would every sign a neighborhood contract for 4 years. UT club magazine pages were dwindling so I politely asked the protocol for cancelling (assuming I would need to give then notice) I was then told that I signed for 48 months not 12 months. When I met with the rep he just needed to take the contract back to his office to get approved and would send me a copy.

After several requests for a copy over 3 months he finally emailed me a copy with a note that all was good as we discussed. I just looked at the monthly amount and filed away. I didn't even think to look that he changed the term to 48 months, Criminal ! As suspected the UT Magazine dissolved.

I sent in a formal cancellation to not advertise in River place prior to its inception so I was never advertised in RiverPlace. N2 is suing me for 4 years for two magazines., One of which dissolved immediately and the other in which I was never advertised in. 1 year later N2 acknowledged that UT had dissolved. They didn;t even know their own magazine failed.

They send out form letters responding to requests - you can never talk to anyone. I am moving forward and not settling with them and counter-suing for forgery and criminal acts. I will also file a suit against the Rep Jason himself in Texas , BEWARE ALL ADVERTISERS - N2 is not a reputable company and is nothing about what they preach. The Reps (franchise owners) all over the United states preach Christianity and goodness but for years have been lying and changing contracts and getting away with it because people settle to not have to go to court.

They prey on small businesses and have their big attorney scare people. N2 corporate doesn't care about the issue and does nothing to stop the fraudulent acts that their representatives are doing. They are criminals and they will have their judgment day. Please do contact me .

I am going to court with this and need as many supporters as possible. N2 needs to step up and stop their reps from doing this.

And what big company still uses handwritten contracts, That tells you something, Hey N2 There is something called Docusign. This way clients can initial terms and such and so much of this would go away for you


I would like information on this class action. I was roped in as well.

Offered a monthly add and documentation was forged when I received it.

Emails that show contradictory pricing. I am ready to put this company down and out in the Augusta GA area

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