Rip OFF Advertising....Taking Advantage of small business by promising big results and Not delivering. (in Orlando Fl Area )

18 months advertising with them (1/3 page add) and not one phone call...I feel I had given them ample time to produce the results they originally promised....

They promised results and my satisfaction.....when I told them I was not satisfied, they laughed and said I had a contract!!!

They Also Illegally charged my credit card 4 times after they were notified they no longer were authorized to charge my acoounts or credit cards.

Don't be a sucker...Avoid N2 Publishing like the PLAGUE!!!

Monetary Loss: $7200.

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I am having the same issues as all of you. They tell me there is no way to get out of the contract. How did yall do it?


We "inherited" the contract that the previous owner had signed and were told by our rep "lets try it for 6 months and if you don't receive any ROI then we'll end it" Well now after almost a year of trying it we still see nothing and met with him and he was a total ***, called us liars, and blamed us for not working hard enough and said well the company is under contract so we can't end it. Horrible customer service!

We have been to the events, where there are the same 4 residents every time who are only there for the free food, and have tried to change our ad, even though they ran a black and white one for some reason and didn't change it when I asked them to. He said something about an article we are supposed to write but don't, there is no mention of an article anywhere on our agreement and I have never been told about it so why would I write one? We also weren't told about or invited to their events until well after 6 months of advertising. They have charged my credit card in 5 transactions the past 2 months stating that there wasn't enough room on the card so that's why they did it that way, I got very upset since there is plenty of room on the card.

I am so fed up with this group of liars.

I should've gotten it in writing when the rep said the thing about the 6 months. This company is a bunch of frauds and I will tell everyone I know not to advertise with them.


N2 is a rip off. I agree. contract for 2 years and one walk in customer total for our investment.



Has anyone successfully ended their contract with them prior to the end date? They are scamming my friend now too.


Have you tried to cancel the contract? I am having the same issue, try to contact them and they only avoid me. I would like to stop the payments but I don't know if this is against the law.

Bullhead City, Arizona, United States #961865

I clicked button "had same issue" by mistake..... I have no issues with this company!!! This button should be removed or reversible!!!!

Houston, Texas, United States #872920

Hey jfkds322 how can I cancel my contract with N2 publishing


WOW- I was considering advertising with N2 but glad I did some research....the response that N2 has posted to a customer is absolutely unprofessional and uncalled for. Sounds like a spoiled child. PS- I have been in the media buying industry for over 20 years...you can cancel anything in advertising- your little photo copied binder is nothing special


Your company and ours entered into an agreement, where all the terms were discussed up front. You signed the agreement.

You agreed to advertise for a set number of months, and we agreed to run your ad for that same number of months.

We never promise results. We don't control your reputation in town, we don't control your pricing, we don't control your sales process, your product, or your management team. All we can control is placing your ad in our magazines.

Just because you changed your mind, and decided you wanted out of your agreement arbitrarily, you think you should be allowed to do that? It's an agreement you signed.

No different than agreeing to a mortgage, a car payment, a boat lease, etc.

We didn't come to you in the middle of the agreement and say, "we are going to start charging you more money because we want to".

We are simply following through on what we both agreed to. Nothing more, nothing less.

to N2Publishing Richmond, Virginia, United States #877996

So poooor customer service, please people dont spend a buck with them , 0 return . They ve got same answer for everybody , saying they didnt promise anything , i just stoped paying them, nothing they can do.

to Jama #1136150

They didn't do anything when you stopped payment? Is that the only way out of the contract?

to Jama Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1221389
Hi I was reading your response about stopping payment to N2. Did you follow thru with this and if so, what was the outcome? I am currently on contract and wasting money every month :( They are not truthful.
to N2Publishing #920051

More reputable and established advertising companies like City Publications do not make customers continue if they are not getting the results or a positive ROI. The last thing you want is a disgruntled customer in your program.

Have an out clause for goodness sake. You are intended to help small businesses to grow and be profitable, not hurt them. That's a sure way to kill your reputation very quickly. I have a Carpet Cleaner colleague who uses N2 publishing in my city.

He's had a full-page ad in their publication for 7 months with not on response, call or lead. He's asked to be released from the contract, and is told the same. He has called other advertisers in same program to compare results and finds they are encountering the same thing -- NO results. They are now spreading the word to other business owners NOT to use N2 Publishing.

Perhaps had you released the guy, they would not all be calling to spoil your reputation, and may have tried it again at another time.

to N2Publishing #1535433

Stay Clear. Company is a Scam

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