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Hello.Ive spoken to several business owners that have been scammed by N2 sales reps.

The pitch is always the same. "All our advertisers have had great success" "you can cancel at any time, the company is really easy to work with" and the best of all is, "I'm new so I'm going to take this contract back to my office to fill in a few things company requires and will send you a copy of the contract" Wondering if this is something they teach you to say as part of your sales training? TO EVERYONE ELSE OUT THERE. DO NOT ADVERTISE WITH THIS COMPANY.

I've spoken to several advertisers and 100% of them are unhappy and have had no results and have been misled by false promises, lied to and bullied into accepting that they agreed to much longer contract terms. Many of these advertisers cannot afford an attorney and scrape together advertising funds monthly with absolutely no results.

They pay because of N2 publishing big corporation scare tactics.The company is not reputable.

This person wrote the review because of order processing issue at N2 Publishing. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants N2 Publishing to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was are deceiptful, deceitful and unscrupulous business practices. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Rocklin, California, United States #1312984

I wish I had done my homework.

I signed a three year contract with what was discussed as cancellation at any time and when I requested a cancellation I was instructed to review the contract.

If I payed off the remaining balance I could cancel.

Not one return from advertising for two years.

The pitch is low monthly payments and great return.


Trenton, New Jersey, United States #1294924

I had a similar experience.My company is running ads in two magazines in NJ.

Almost a full year and we have yet to receive a call. At this point I have stopped paying the invoice and informed them that no future payments will be made on this account. I am sending this anonymous because I find it funny that no one from their company signs off on letters. The collection notice I received was from N2 Publishing Department and informed me to contact my sales representative to cure the default.

I have been in Business for almost 25 years and have spent 30-40k per year in advertising.This company has the worst results by far!

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1278243

They did the same thing to me.Very smooth talking sales person.

Haven't received 1 lead in ??? years.

I can't even find out when my contract expires.Crooks!!!


Hi there,

Please do correct us if we're wrong, but it seems your opinion was formed by talking with other advertisers?We would encourage you to keep doing so and see if that continued research yields a different opinion.

Currently, we have over 35,000 advertisers across the U.S., and it is our perspective that the overwhelming majority of these clients are satisfied with N2.

Like any business, we do have clients who are dissatisfied, and we've found that these are typically the people who are the most vocal.We hope, though, that you will reach out to other advertisers and find that a positive opinion is the most typical opinion of N2.

Please do let us know if there are any other questions or concerns we can address for you.


N2 Publishing

to N2Publishing Westwood, New Jersey, United States #1292881

Funny how I've only come across 1 positive review online.Where are all the positive reviews?

Makes me wonder if the positive review is legitimate...seems very unlikely.

to N2Publishing Austin, Texas, United States #1293114

N2 P - I did as you asked and reached out to many many of your advertisers throughout the country.I'm glad you suggested that.

Your perspective is preposterous.

The "overwhelming majority" is not on your side. Your reputation is horrible. It's often not the print ad results, it's your lies, your contract fraud and your horrible customer service. Since I've taken the time to start gathering all this information, I will continue to do so as you have encouraged and share with not only all your advertisers, The BBB, all websites and definitely the authorities.

Someone in your organization committed fraud and changed my contract term.A reputable company would consider that a serious issue.

to anonymous #1304392

As an advertising sales executive for over 25 years in print yellow pages, newspaper, radio, DM, and digital marketing, I've found that the businesses who are most unhappy are those who did not discuss realistic expectations with the rep.This is a loaded statement I realize.

But nobody here has stated what they wanted to happen with the investment. Not one phone call is not a goal, it's too general. The goal with marketing is more like, I want to reach women, who are active moms with kids in grade school, do yoga, and are looking for Xxxxxx, or Ive noticed a decline in a certain type of customer, and my competition is getting my old customers, I need an ad to remind those people I'm still out here... Generally speaking, magazine ads are best used for branding purposes, it's not like doing a direct mail piece or a landing page on the online or mobile that is designed for an immediate call to action.

My guess is people did indeed see your ad, and that's a good thing, they might remember you 6 months from now when they need your services, and may never remember how they even saw you. I work in this industry and don't remember how or why I end up contacting a local business. Do you call every ad you see? Right then?

Probably not. I'm just saying, magazines are a great branding tool, and most businesses that do magazine ads are placing the ad because they like the prestige and standing out in the community or a national ad, the same. Perhaps, your...

Advertising is much more complex than a potential customer seeing your ad a few times and picking up the phone to call you right that second. In my own professional opinion, it sounds like you feel you were talked into something and your more angry about that. It saddens me when I hear these stories, I bend over backwards to help the local business owner succeed with the marketing dollars they have, and anytime I have an unhappy client, I try changing ad copy, the location in the magazine, etc. etc.

That said, after so many years of doing this, and learning the hard way, I only contact the types of businesses that fit with the culture of my publications audience and I always discuss the expectation. Would you have placed the ad for the sole purpose of branding? But, I seriously doubt this company could have grown this large with over 50% unhappy customers, in fact, no business can sustain long with that type of churn. I'm sure there are happy customers, but I'm also sure they had a different expectation.

Please always tell your advertising rep that you want to know realistically what you can expect, how long it generally takes, and can they show you other like businesses in other markets that are similar.Try to always remember, that advertising does work 50% of the time, but it's hard to know which 50% worked.

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to Anonymous Woodbury, New Jersey, United States #1332839

Advertising with this company has below a 1% chance of acquiring a customer. It's easy to grow a company with deceptive practices however their ability to maintain growth with all of these negative reviews will be impossible. I have been in business 25 years and have never received a negative review.

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